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The Nature Conservancy
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Let's build a world where human ingenuity is aligned to support nature to .

fast aslightsoft as water

60km/h,0 impact

F l a s h
  • 01\more fast
  • 02\more novel
  • 03\more easy
  • 04\more secure
  • 05\more intelligent

speed per hour exceed 60km

Intelligent dual core AMT dual mode power system ,Intelligent dual core control unique sport mode.raise 25% of speed up performance-super dynamic experience




Independent research and development of motor, power leading

Independent developed high-efficiency motor l-x5-35,enhance the power efficiently,fearless of steep slope!Unique sport mode,
exceed the three-gears limit of a general electric bike.


improve the speed up


Maximum climbing angle

high efficient power,excellent performance

Braking energy recovery system,recycled and converted into electrical energy of braking energy,stored in the battery, increase the mileage,the driving range of this power electric bike can still reach 95 km!


0-45KM/H speed up


the highest speed


rang per charge

Intelligent dual core,more fast and powerful

Unique sports mode, beyond the boundaries of ordinary electric bike of three-gear.When switch to the sport mode, increase the performance up to 25%, and give you the extremely riding experience.







sight,with me!

Numerous of dynamic sense color combination,full of futuristic snese.Drive all of attention when you ride to the street.

  • 360°display

  • Sheet structure design

  • many colors


created fairshaped body

Adopted aerodynamic principle to build three-dimensional model,created fairshaped body by through dynamic simulation test,reduce air resistance when riding,reduce energy consumption and avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

  • aerodynamic principle

  • fairshaped body

concise desgin

The high-definition LCD display is clean and tidy, all data are reasonably allocated to the optimal visual position. It is easy to watch when riding without distraction!

  • Liquid Crystal Display

  • speedometer

Meteor eye,super glare

Enchase 2 highlighted LED lights on each side of V-shape lamp,high beam could reach at 20 meters at night,full coverage of front 55°security area,fully protect you when you driving.

  • Front light

  • Rear light

Humanized design

The purpose of design is to meet the physiological and psychological needs of human beings, so the needs become the driving force of human design.

  • One key to start

    One key to start

    After the defense is removed at startup, as long as you gently press the start button, you can start and extinguish the fire. The operation is more convenient!

  • Automatic pedal

    Automatic pedal

    passed strict test,created a set of reasonable and comfortable key combination,with excellent hand feeling experience.

  • key combination

    key combination

    passed strict test,created a set of reasonable and comfortable key combination,with excellent hand feeling experience.

disc brake stable、safe

Improve theexisting disc brake,r & d and manufacture safety disc brake,avoid the "emergency brake" when the bike collision with ,prevent drivers from being thrown out of the bike.


brake distance

enhance impact resistance up to


Aluminum magnesium alloy hub

super durable

easy to wipe!

Adopted polyurethane material imported from DIC of Japan, curing agent from bayer of Germany and coating made of special concentrated car-grade color paste.Riding for a long time won't paint-shedding、change color ,bright as new!

Efficient waterproof

Lighting has more higher water-proof performance,you can ride safely in rainy day without worrying about faulty of electronics or battery packs.


  • length:1.735M

  • high:1.10M

  • max load:125KG