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Smart light and extravagant Variety by me Mio

design inspiration

alien appearance/simplify element/unqie program language

Eva is a cute robot from the high-tech world of 《WALL-E》.It has a concise, integrated appearance, but it is rich in advanced technology.Beautiful and popular by the audience .

Mio small electric motorcycle design concept coincides with the attributes of Eva.It looks concise、fashion、mellow and kindly.It is suitable for woman;The inherent high-end, advanced, reliable and comfortable riding experience meets the expectations of urbanites for electric vehicles.



Fashion,mellow and kindly, suitable for woman;Internal high-end, advanced, reliable and comfortable riding experience It meets the expectations of urbanites for electric vehicles.

Flexible riding is more safer

High of barrels is 700MM/lower than the general e-bike/coordinated with ergonomic body design
Petite and cute woman/Flexible riding is more safer


High of barrels

Full screen digital instrument

Full screen display, Clear data, Sensitive response

  • Liquid crystal display

  • speedometer

sight,with me!

Numerous of dynamic sense color combination,full of futuristic snese.Drive all of attention when you ride to the street.

  • 360°display

  • many colors


自由变换色彩 随心演绎 搭载“炫彩立马”手机APP


Angel driving lamp

Appearance looks like angel wings protect you during riding time

  • Front light

  • Rear light

Elvish eye turn light

science fiction appearance active like an elvish clear turn prompt

  • 单撑断电

  • 一键启动

  • 遥控坐桶锁

  • 单撑断电

  • 一键启动

  • 遥控坐桶锁

Stamping parts frame

Motorcycle standard bright tube Stiffness is stronger Surface is smoother The whole frame is more stable Longer life


whole bike brightness increased

Independent research and development 800W efficient motor

Quiet/fast/steady/no fear of steep slopes

  • 25 %

    Accelerate the promotion

  • 45°

    Highest climb Angle

Integrated controller

No lead, plug - in integrated design and good heat dissipation, beautiful appearance, low noise
High efficiency and better handling

High performance damping

Dynamic adjustment rebound damping , precision pull tube technology, double damping, comfortable riding

New type of vortex hub

The same with MINI -JCW limited edition car class hub design

  • 90KG

    Can withstand 90 kg impact force

  • 10

    10 inch spiral hub

Smart light
by me


  • length:1.620M

  • high:1.030M

  • max load:125KG